Promoting the interests and welfare of senior citizens in Wealden



1.    Name
The society, a non-profit making organisation, shall be known as the Wealden Senior Citizens’ Partnership.

2.    Objective
The objective of the Partnership is the promotion of the interests and welfare of the senior citizens in Wealden by

  • promoting policies in the interests of the members and putting forward a positive view of senior citizens in society
  • acting as an umbrella organisation making representations to partner organisations such as public and other bodies
  • undertaking projects and initiatives appropriate to its members, seeking the necessary funding to enable the organisation to carry out these projects

3.    Equal Opportunities Policy
In promoting its objectives the Partnership endeavours to ensure through the adoption of an Equal Opportunities Policy that

  • its policies, procedures and activities are non-discriminatory and provide equal opportunities
  • ensures that in admitting members and in selecting office holders there is no discrimination against any individual on the grounds of race, gender, disability, age, or political, religious or sexual orientation.
  • endeavours to ensure that persons with disabilities can access the venues it uses
  • complies with the UK legislation governing Equal Opportunities: Race Relations Act 1976, Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Disabled Persons (Employment) Act 1944, 1958, and Disability Discrimination Act 1955, and any additional relevant legislation that may from time to time come into force.

4.    Membership
All senior citizens who live or work in Wealden and all organisations and individuals concerned with the interests and welfare of senior citizens in Wealden.

5.    Voting, Management Committee, Officers and Elections

  • At Partnership AGMs, votes are cast by each individual member and by nominated representatives of member organisations, each of which whom has one vote. There are no proxy ballots.
  • The Partnership has a Management Committee with a maximum of twelve elected members. Up to four are elected each year at the AGM for a term of three years.* Members who have stood down at an AGM may be re-elected to the Management Committee at the same AGM.
  • The Partnership has four officers – Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. They are elected members of the Management Committee.
  • The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected by the Management Committee for a term of one year from among its members at the first meeting to take place immediately after the AGM.
  • The Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the Management Committee after an AGM for periods of three years.
  • The Management Committee may co-opt additional members to the Committee at any time during the year. Co-opted committee members have the same voting rights as elected committee members. Co-options end at the next AGM.
  • The Management Committee may create and stand down Special Interest Groups, sub-committees, working groups and working parties. These report to the Management Committee and to the Membership through the Management Committee

*In the first instance, committee members are elected for one, two or three years, to be decided by lot.

6.    Meetings
There will be at least two plenary meetings per year of the Partnership, one of which will be the Annual General Meeting.
Management Committee meetings will be held at least quarterly and extra meetings may be called as required.  The following rules shall apply to all meetings:

  • At least three weeks’ notice in writing shall be given of any committee or general meeting.
  • Voting decisions shall be by a simple majority.
  • Minutes will be taken and retained by the Secretary.
  • At management committee meetings a quorum will be four.

7.    Dissolution
The Partnership may be wound up at a statutory general meeting by a two-thirds majority of those present.  Any remaining funds shall be donated to an organisation with similar objectives, as decided by the membership.