Promoting the interests and welfare of senior citizens in Wealden



This forum for the over 50s was launched on 29th September 2005 with the object of promoting the interests and welfare of senior citizens in Wealden.

Now a member of ESSA (the East Sussex Seniors’ Association – see, the Partnership exists to put forward a positive view of senior citizens in society and to help older people enjoy an active and independent life. It also acts as an umbrella organisation for Wealden older people’s groups, making representations to influential partner organisations in the public and private sectors and passing on information to the many senior citizens’ organisations in the towns and villages of Wealden by means of a regular newsletter, “Grey Matters“.

Membership, which is free, is open to all senior citizens living or working in Wealden, as well as any organisations and individuals of any age who have concerns connected with older people. Click here to join.